At first glance, this plumbing is exactly the same: the same water supply mechanisms, external decor, control. So does it make sense to select a faucet specifically for the kitchen space or can you satisfy your needs with a universal model? To understand this issue in more detail, it is worth looking at a similarities and differences between KUPP Stylish Armatures mixers wholesale.

Spout Shape from KUPP

Kitchen FaucetHere, the spout is higher, so that it is convenient to fill various containers with water + with this shape of the “spout” from KUPP Stylish Armatures, the water is not sprayed, evenly distributed over the entire area of the sink.

Bathroom Faucet – For filling the bath or washing hands, it is preferable that the stream flow compactly and “pointwise”, which means that it is better if the watering can is slightly lowered down.


Design by KUPP

Kitchen Faucet – The spout must be rotatable to take it to the side if necessary.

Bathroom Faucet – The model can be cast.

Shower presence

Kitchen Faucet – Some models are equipped with a retractable watering can.

Bathroom Faucet – Available in all bathtub mixers.

Installation principle

Kitchen Faucet – Mounted on the sink.

Bathroom Faucet – Install on the edge of the bathroom or wall.