Warranty Conditions

  1. The period of warranty shall start from the date of delivery of the product to the the costumer and shall cover a period of 5 (five) years.
  2. The product and all parts thereof are under the warranty of our company.
  3. In the case that the product fails within warranty period, the time spent on the repair work is added to the warranty period. Repair time of the product is maximum 30 (thirty) working days. This time starts from the date on which the failure concerning the product is notified to the service station and to seller of the product, dealer, agency, representative, importer or producer, if there is no a service station. If the failure of the product cannot be solved in 15 (fifteen) working days, the producer or importercompany has to assign another product which has the similar features to the use of the consumer until completion of repair of the product.
  4. Within the warranty period, if the product fails both because of general material and workmanship, or mounting faults, it will be repaired without demanding any charge under any title such as workmanship charge, replaced parts charge, or any charge under any other name.
  5. Product replacement or refund is mandatory depending on the choice of the consumer in case one of the conditions below:

    If failure occurs in the product at least two times in one year or four times with the condition of being within the warranty period.

    If the maximum time for its repair is exceeded.

    In case a service station is not exist by a report issued by seller, dealer, agency, representative, importer or producer respectively that, repair of the failure is not possible, exchange process will be carried out free of charge.

  6. Breakdowns due to improper operation of the product not observing the instructions in the operating manual are not covered by warranty.
  7. For problems with the warranty certificate, consumers may apply to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, General Directorate of Protection of Consumers and Competition.

    This certificate is issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, General Directorate of Protection of Consumers and Competition in accordance with the Law no. 4077 and the Circular no. TRKGM 95/116-117 issued pursuant to the said Law.

Conditions Outside of the Warranty

  1. Faults taking place due to wrong installation available or due to faulty mounting of the product by the consumer other than the authorised service.
  2. Possible problems occurring on the installations that do not have pressure regulation (installations, where water pressure regulation or water pressurisation units are not used).
  3. Possible problems occurring due to sand, sludge, canvas, construction residues because of the non use of intermediate tap with filter and filter.
  4. Possible problems occurring due to dropping or being impacted during handling, loading, unloading and mounting.
  5. Possible problems occurring on the surface of the products that wait for long times at the construction sites.
  6. Break downs occurring due to misuse or hard use.
  7. Problems related to scaling.
  8. Deformations taking place due to use of acids or cleaning materials that contain abrasive substances.
  9. Break downs occurring due to use of parts that are not original spare parts.
  10. Parts, casings, cartridges that crack due to freezing.
  •  Ideal Fitting Pressure Interval: 3–4 Bars